The Lead Tenant Model:

Think of it as investing in

a local state-of-mind.

Our Lead Tenant Program provides Austin companies an ownership opportunity for signing a fair market value Lease on a desirable acquisition property. Lead Commercial gives local businesses a chance to keep Austin in local hands by buying quality property that fits your company’s immediate and future needs.

The Lead Tenant Program

was created to keep

Austin properties

in local hands.


This program offers tenants ownership in buildings for signing a 5- to 7-year Lease and also allows them to invest into the partnership along with other local investors. This partnership will allow rent to be based on the market, not a proforma. Lead Commercial targets groups that have a long-term interest in Austin and want a collaborative Landlord that invests in the success of their business.

Our lead tenant model invests in the success of your business

Lead Commercial forms a partnership with lead tenants with over a 4,000 square feet space requirement to purchase a building that accommodates tenant’s need for a 7 to 10 year lease.

Lead Commercial acts as the General Partner that will raise approximately 30 to 100 percent of equity and a commitment to holding the property.

Prospective tenants get high-quality, long-term space at market rate, along with all the advantages of ownership and an opportunity to invest in the partnership.

Every agreement is customizable to suit each partner’s goal.

[Pictured above: Lead Commercial clients Scott Wuest (left) of Wuest Group Engineering & Design and Mark Hart (right) of Mark Hart Architecture]

“Over the course of our relationship, the Lead Commercial team has consistently:
made us money; saved us money; and provided strategic direction.”

Susan McDowellExecutive Director, Lifeworks
Incentives for Companies
  • Option to expand into vacant space in the building
  • A share in potential profits and potential tax incentives
  • Peace of mind in having a landlord with a vested interest
  • Space for immediate and future needs
  • Pride in local ownership – A cap on the renewal rental rates
    • Established Central Texas company
    • Over 4,000 square feet of office, industrial or retail user
    • Long term commitment to Central Texas
    • Financially stable company